Project Delivery

We have the capability to fully design, construct and certify all electrical aspects of your project.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their project not only meets the functional aspects of their requirements but is delivered on time, on budget and with a focus on exceeding our client’s expectations.

Project Compliance

Our focus is always on producing a project that fully complies with the requirements of conformance with Australian Standards, Project Specifications and the Building Code of Australia.

At Colbros we have all of our designs fully reviewed and certified by an independent electrical consultant prior to construction.

Our Team

We pride our selves on our dedicated team of full-time employees ranging from project designers, electrical estimators, project managers, electrical trades people and electrical apprentices who are extremely experienced in the electrical construction of commercial projects.

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Quality of Work

Colbros Electrical Contracting prides itself on providing a service to our clients which is of the utmost highest standard.

From our project managers down to our first year apprentices, we promote a fundamental ‘do not cut corners’ work ethic that is carried out through each project.

This professional workmanship and delivery of our projects is what Colbros is known and respected for. It is this quality delivery that maintains Colbros as a forerunner in the electrical industry.

We take extreme pride in our projects and ensure that all projects are delivered on time with installations carried out to meet Australian Standards and local supply authority regulations.

With this approach we guarantee that Colbros can provide an electrical service above and beyond that of our competition.


Colbros Electrical is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, and others who may be affected by our work.

As a part of this we implement and enforces an independently certified Occupational Health and Safety system compliant to ISO45001.

At Colbros we fully believe and educate our staff that safety in the workplace is the most important factor of the working day.

Colbros Electrical also enforces a complete ‘No Live Work Policy’.

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